I research topics on mature welfare states with a particular focus on the role of housing markets, labor markets, and gender.  My recent work has been generously funded through a postdoc from the Fonds National de la Recherce Luxembourg and co-funded by the European Commission Marie-Curie COFUND Scheme. 


Book Project: 


How do houses reproduce inequalities? In my book project, Hiding in Plain Sight: Social Stratification and the Politics of Housing, I argue that houses are a medium through which individuals and groups vie to secure status and power leading to social, economic, and political inequalities. 


Houses are an ever-present aspect of the landscape, but the inequalities generated, reproduced, and tempered by the housing market are largely hidden from view. As assets, living spaces, and the basis for large economic markets, houses play a key role in shaping a country's stratification system. This book thus uses housing to trace a path from the welfare state to five key inequalities that together constitute the largest social and economic divisions found in contemporary capitalist societies: inequalities in income and wealth, and inequalities across gender, race, and age.




The Young and the Restless: Housing Access in the Critical Years

West European Politics (2019)


I'll Just Stay Home: Employment Inequality among Parents

Social Politics (2018)


No Exit: Social Reproduction in an Era of Rising Income Inequality with Herman Mark Schwartz

Politics and Society (2017)


Childcare Markets and Maternal Employment: A Typology

Journal of European Social Policy (2017)

Can Unequal Distribution of Wealth Influence Vote Choice? with Piotr R. Paradowski, in David K. Jesuit and Russell Alan Williams (Eds.), Public Policy, Governance and Polarization: Making Governance Work. Routledge Critical Studies in Public Management (2017)


Delayed and Depressed: From Expensive Housing to Smaller Families

International Journal of Housing Policy (2016)


Laboring at Work and at Home: How States Encourage Moms to do Both

PhD Dissertation (2011)



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