Comparative social policy; Welfare state; Inequality; Housing; Gender               


Political scientist by training; Interdisciplinarian by choice          


Comparative public policy; Poverty and inequality; American politics

Welcome to my website.

I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College* in Norton, Massachusetts. I examine the institutional configurations which affect mature welfare states, emphasizing the interaction of the state, the family, and the market.


I am currently working on a book manuscript titled Hiding in Plain Sight: Social Stratification and the Politics of Housing. In the manuscript I explore the key role that housing plays to reproduce inequalities in income and wealth, and inequalities across genders, races, and cohorts. Please see my research page for a description of this project and others.


I teach courses on public policy, comparative politics, and American politics with an emphasis on social policy. See my teaching page for more information about my teaching.


*Academic Disambiguation: There are two unaffiliated Wheatons. I work at the secular one: 

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